Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#3rd Project: Tiffany & Pink

Hati debar2...

29 March 2013...
Candy Moments 3rd project kat Sg Pusu, Gombak.

Tho its 3rd project.....but its actually our 1st actual set up alone without Kak Nur (D'Ratu)... hati sape yg tak debar2. Terasa cam wedding crasher...coz we never knew the family...not our relatives not even our friend.
They took a wedding package with D'Ratu and needed dessert table.

So...dgn preparation and practise for the past 2 weeks, me n hubby set up la candy buffet kt quarters perguruan tu...heheh memula sesat nk g umah pengantin *malunye.. Majlis start lps maghrib, we set up on 6.00pm =)

Ni la hasilnye =)

The Menu

Alhamdulillah, customer puas hati with simple deco for engagement =)
TQ  TQ..

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