Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kelahiran Candy Moments

Candy Buffet?
Ada berani? Tak cuba tak tahu kan?

Cook is not really my passion...but i do love dessert. It dont have to be fancy but I consider cute and yummy...especially dessert with cheese =)

"Kak Nur nk jugak Fafa try. Bila nk start kalau asik nak fikir2. Sampai tua tak cuba". Ni la yg Kak Nur ckp... "tak pe...fafa buat yg mana mampu dulu...yg lain kak nur tambah la"...dia cuba meyakinkan aku.
That time, baru je abis 1st project kat CIDB Cheras....and kak nur ajak buat candy buffet secara serius.
Tho head still thinking the consequences. What is the risk? What if I cant? What if tak sedap? How to deal with decor? ( sooo so so terrible with decor especially with colors and flowers)

Ah sudah.....whole day kat opis dh tak bley wat keje. All im thinking...all the 5 "wife" and 1 "husband"...

What to start with? I dont have money!
Where is the place to bake? I only hv hand mixer and small oven (dpt free sbb beli Zanusi Hob and Hood )
When do I have time to bake?
Why do I want this?? Generate money?
Who is the target market?
How im gonna prepare everything and manage my time?

Than I realized...only one answer for all the questions "I just have to believe in my self".
No one will change your life until you make the change yourself. Besides, Kak Nur will help with promo and 24/7 advice and guidance. So I'll be alright. (hye, D'Ratu is quite famous in wedding industry)

Bite my lips....and I say yes.
No turning back...all we have to do is make a step one at a time...

Only 3 days notice, Kak Nur help set me a small promotion event at D'Ratu Bridal boutique in Gombak.
Desert home cooked by me: Moist Chocolate Cake, Pavlova & Ombre Cake. yang lain kedai =)
Kebetulan...kawan2 baik dr Shah Alam is in the area (br balik kenduri kahwin Hajar) ajak diaorg dtg tgk sekali =)

Promotion menu =) (only valid on that day)
Thanks girls for coming.
Not in pic: Medeena-Intan and Pekji

So I decided that I should have a name for my candy buffet =)

Tadaaaaaa. ok tak?

Bismillahirrahman nirrahim. Ini la langkah pertama dan doakan sy berjaya =)

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