Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Backdated stories

Dec 2012

Its been a while since I update the blog. In the recent event of new business I involved in, I decided to write again... Untuk kenangan =)
D'Ratu Bridal (a wedding planner) ask me to help with their Candy Buffet project for a wedding in CIDB Convention Center, Cheras. Being a good big sister, Kak Nur (owner D'Ratu), she offered me to complete her Candy Buffet menu as food and deserts is not their expertise. I am happy and excited of course. Im proud to be part of her successful business. (it 1st candy buffet for D Ratu too). Maybe its time for me to learn something aside from desk job at the office =)

Look what I have done =) 200 mini pavlova and a rainbow cake.
200 pavlova with Kiwi & Peach 

Fresh from oven: 200 mini pavlova

Well...i do learn something....
I learn that that I love baking and doing project. Though its tired...but hye, I love it

So, ini la hasilnya....Candy buffet. Theme: Tiffany & pink
Variety of deserts & candies 

Official D 'Ratu Pic/

I baked the cake too. Its a rainbow cake.
I know its a simple cake...well takkan nk lawan kek pengantin kn? (hehee)

Looking forward if there is another opportunity in the future.
Many thanks to Kak Nur =)

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