Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#4 Project: Minnie Mouse birthday theme

Teruja sgt dpt "assignment" ni.

Minnie mouse. woooo....cpt2 prepare lps tiffany & pink last March.
Kali ni Ms Shela Lala (Fb) from Klang. Thanks sgt2 for believe in us. Dia just tgk pic kita je dia tertarik plak and she is very pleasant lady. Nice to talk too and even share her idea. She took a wedding package and wish us to modify the package to be a birthday theme party. Hye of course we can do it! =)

TQ Shela. and harap u puas hati dgn hasil kami =)

Tahniah Alya!!! comel sgt2 Alya ni

Semoga Alya mebesar dgn sihat dan menajadi anak yg solehah.

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